Right-Place, Right-Time...

I began working online in the early '90s when most people didn't understand the difference between the World Wide Web and the Internet. Very few entrepreneurs at that time recognized the value of the Net. None could fathom the marketing scope which has since mushroomed. It's hard to realize that the Internet has changed so drastically in only 10 years! It's now obvious to even the casual observer that the Net provides the greatest opportunity in the history of the world for making an excellent income online in the privacy and convenience of home. But of the "business opportunities" offered all across the Net, who do you trust? What can you believe? You see so many offers, and they all claim preposterous benefits. I don't blame your skepticism. I receive a lot of email with the question: "Is it for real?"

Well, you know it's "for real" when you pocket $8000 or $9000 within a 30-day period shortly after setting up your business (as I and others have experienced). One of the main reasons this business works is because the products supply a TREND, not a FAD. The global interest in natural health products is a market that's waiting to be tapped. The timing is right. You're at the right place. I think you'll agree it's not a wise idea to go into the hula-hoop business just now. Or yo-yos. Or 8-track cartridges. They were great fads, but their timeliness is past. Whatever business you choose, make sure it's a TREND. Even better, make sure it's a GLOBAL TREND.

But here's the big success barrier...

Most people who have a desire to make their life better are only dreamers. They talk "big" about what they're "gonna do." Or, when they have a chance to make changes in their life, they procrastinate on their own success. Failures search to find "something for nothing." They ultimately watch from the sidelines while others make the photo-finish plays on the field.

Those who are indecisive, lacking in confidence, and fearful need not respond to this opportunity. Sorry, but I can't help the whiners, the complainers, the wimps, the almost-ran's, or the wishers. If you're not serious about that dirty four-letter word, "WORK," sorry, but I don't want you on my team. I can only help those who want to help themselves.

This business is not on trial. It already works for more than 100,000 distributors in these companies, and it will work for you, too. The question is not: "will the business work?" but "will you work the business?" Anyone who can type an ad on a computer keyboard can put immediate cash in their pocket if they will work the system. It's fool-proof!

Your business can create a GUSHING RIVER OF CASH FLOW!

THIS IS A BUSINESS. It is not a game or experiment. It is not a chain letter. The products are not a fad. One of our suppliers is a top, 100-year-old U.S. company. Twice listed in Fortune 500's fastest-growing businesses. A large, strong company with a reputation for integrity which will be around as long as America stands. Its stability is not subject to inflation or recession. No lay-offs EVER. And now it has been converted into an online dynamo with strong Internet presence! If you establish a partnership with this company, you can be assured of a lifelong career which can generate millions of dollars and provide a lifestyle that is the envy of every business person in America!

Making a calculated decision to take advantage of this opportunity is not a high-risk venture because the cost is very affordable. You pay no franchise fees or royalties. There is no long-term commitment. It is probably the best chance you will ever have to easily earn extraordinary income. You just need the know-how to succeed.

How affordable is this business? The FastStart Money Machine is GUARANTEED to get RESULTS. It is guaranteed to teach you Internet Marketing science in simple, step-by-step instructions so that you can drive 1000 hits a day or more to any site, every day, day-in and day-out. Money-Back Guarantee. The Money Machine will also provide headlines and ad copy for your advertising campaigns with a proven track record of 6.66% click-through rate (CTR). The conversion rate has been as high as 1 sale per 70 hits, depending on the quality of prospects. These stats rank among the highest on the Net. So ask yourself this question: if this success-critical information gives you the know-how to begin an online career in Internet Marketing where others with this same know-how are earning six- and seven- figure incomes, would the Money Machine be worth $500 or more to you? May I make it even more affordable at only $97???

Sometimes someone asks: "what additional costs are needed to start my business?" The only other startup cost, in addition to the Money Machine manual and company registration, is a $15 personal domain (like, www.YourName.com). Acquiring a personal domain is only an option for streamlining your efficiency in record-keeping. Don't get it now, because you'll receive special instructions about it in a couple of weeks, and then you can decide if you want one.

These are such minimal costs in setting up a business that offers potential for such gigantic rewards. We're talking about a few dollars to get started in this business, while we talk about "thousands of dollars" to start most high-potential offline opportunities. Over the years I have opened several traditional "brick-and-mortar" retail businesses. At one time I even operated ten retail businesses simultaneously. Each needed employees and individual management. Adequate inventory had to be purchased and stocked. Personnel had to be trained. Bookkeeping records had to be maintained. I made a lot of money with these businesses, but the problems were horrendous! Out of these experiences over the past 50 years and from the past 10 years as an Internet Marketing consultant, I developed the FastStart Money Machine with one objective: the ultimate easy, efficient and profitable system for operating an online home business.

What a great feeling to generate high cash flow by working at home only a few hours a week...and then take off for that cruise you've wanted or a trip to the beach...leaving your business on auto-pilot while it cranks out cash unattended!!!